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I was so lucky to have Kayla as one of my senior reps this year. She is such a “real” person. She has her own unique style, stays true to who she is and is one of the sweetest girls I have ever met.

During our final session, I also learned that she is a terrible speller…which meant that this shot HAD to be taken. And while most teenage girls would’ve rolled their eyes at mom dishing out her secret, Kayla giggles and admits that she didn’t know there was an “o” is serious:) I love this girl!

2013kaylabadspeller 1024x683 Monmouth High School | Class of 2013: Kayla

Since Kayla’s first session was at the beach earlier this spring, it was only fitting that we chose a location that was pretty much a 180 degree turn from the ocean. I am pretty sure there isn’t a location in this world that I couldn’t photograph this girl in though….she is too stinkin’ cute!

2013kayla2 upb 1024x760 Monmouth High School | Class of 2013: Kayla

But you wanna know the real reason why we chose this location? Graffiti. Yep, Kayla’s request and I had the perfect fit for her. No worries, that can of spray paint in her hand…promise, it was only a prop. This gorgeous wall was someone else’s handiwork….and well, it was perfect:)

2013kaylagraffiti 1024x683 Monmouth High School | Class of 2013: Kayla

2013kaylagraffitisit 1024x683 Monmouth High School | Class of 2013: Kayla

Kayla, I hope you have a blast your senior year. You have been so much fun to work with and I only wish you the brightest and most colorful of futures <3