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Before I even start spilling all the mucky details on the race this past weekend, I have to thank every single one of my family and friends that have been my virtual cheerleaders leading up to and on the day of event.  I am proud to announce that I crossed the finish line…upright on my own two feet even. But I am even more proud to say that my supporters helped to raise $705 and as a team, the Dellagates raised over $4000 to contribute to the fight against Multiple Sclerosis!  considering our original team goal was $2,000 and my original personal goal was $250, I would have to say we have some pretty amazing friends and family who I cannot even begin to thank enough.

I have to say that I was very impressed with the setup of the whole Muckfest event.  The volunteers were all super friendly and the entire thing was very well organized. The only complaint that any of us had was that it was lacking slightly in mud. Crawling through wet gravel was more like torture on the knees and elbows.  The weather was absolutely beautiful though…and I am sure that led to parts of the course drying up before our 1:30 start time. Nevertheless, this was one of the most fun and rewarding things I have ever done in my life and there are already plans to go back next year!

Once we met up with our team, had a little picnic and got all registered the kids wanted to check out the Little Muckers area (a mini mud playground just for them). It didn’t take them too long to get the hang of it.

little muckers2 Mucktastic installment!

Now, if you are wondering how we did this with all these kids tagging along AND got awesome pictures, well not all of my sisters raced on Saturday. Karen volunteered to watch NINE kids by herself while we were running!!  And then I put a camera in her hand to make it even more challenging.  So, the photos are pretty much proof that she totally rocked it! (she has announced she will be running next year, so the photographer job is up for grabs if anyone would like to volunteer….and yes, we will be sans kids next year as well)

And speaking of rocking it….how’s about some pre-race shots of um, us racers? Complete with some borderline inappropriate (um, I mean definite inappropriate) stretching.

pre race2 Mucktastic installment!

The course was set up so spectators could see a few of obstacles at the beginning of the race and then a few at the end. Here’s what you didn’t see….

1) My brother-in-laws kept us laughing the entire way by hiking up their shorts mid-run and blinding us with the whitest thighs you have ever seen.

2) During the “Over and Under” I watched Lauren clear a log by ducking under it and not getting her face wet at all.  I must have a slightly bigger head. Cleared the log. Not the water.

3) At the spinner, the only thing I succeeded at was holding the rope with my hands.  I never got any sort of foot hold and was dragged through the brown water until I reached the other side.

4) Throughout the trails, some of the taller roots and stumps were painted orange. Turns out orange paint isn’t the cure-all for my clumsy self. While running, I tripped over a root, stump, something and lost complete control over my legs.  I felt like a cartoon character and after what felt like minutes, finally came to a complete stop. Flat on my face. In a pile of leaves. Off the course.

5) On the cobweb, I have never seen so many people scared of heights stuck on one contraption.  What an amazing feeling to talk a complete stranger through one of their fears and then high-five her when she was on the ground on the other side:)

6) I was the only one on my team brave/crazy enough to go head first down the “water slide”  into water that was so cold that I am sure my heart stopped. This resulted in the loss of my contact.

…and at this point we were rounding the corner for the finish line.  Karen had the kids all gathered and it was so amazing to see their smiling faces cheering us on. Especially when there was more cold water to jump into.

swings2 Mucktastic installment!

muck off2 Mucktastic installment!

almost finished2 Mucktastic installment!

A few post-race photos and more fun hosing off (the water was still freezing). We were more than ready for our post-race beers.  Yes, this event provided every runner with two beers each after they crossed the finish line. …which was how I convinced my hubby to sign-up in the first place:)

finish line2 Mucktastic installment!


The Tuesday Hook Up

April 23, 2013

Last week two super fun things happened.  First, I sold two hats on my Etsy site to someone who wasn’t a relative!!  And then I got this creative urge to learn how to incorporate beads into my crochet. This weird urges happen to me every once in awhile and I have to get all the supplies and work it out of my system;)  And that resulted in me finally making something for myself!!

529173 445809612172684 1628189278 n The Tuesday Hook Up

This pic was taken with my phone, so you just have to imagine it is much more beautiful in person. I used a light cotton thread which makes this super lightweight and washable! Perfect for summer;)  The beads are what really give it it’s glory iridescent glass seed beads that catch the sunshine just right….and obviously not so much the camera flash! Finally, it fastens with a little vintage button.

So, wanna know how you can get one for yourself before it gets listed in my Etsy shop? Anyone who  donates just $8 or more in the next three days to my Muckfest fundraiser will receive one of these as a thank you!!  Find my donation page here and your arm candy will be along in no time:)

Today has definitely been a M…o…n…d…a…y thus far. And with just five days left till race day, I am freaking out just a little! Not to mention that my handsome seven year old not only decided to share his cold with me, he also kept me up aaalllll night ’cause he could not contain his excitement at losing another tooth.

I definitely woke up this morning and looked at the treadmill with more disgust than I have ever mustered for that hunk of metal and plastic. And then I remembered I talked to my dad yesterday. My dad who can barely walk. My dad who was not feeling well and wanted nothing more than to hear how much his seven year old grandson was falling in love with the Indiana Jones movies. My dad who would do anything for any one of his girls or his grandchildren no matter his limitations. I remembered my dad and got my cloudy head and tired bum on that treadmill…and I knocked another minute off my 5K.

I can’t say that I am completely in love with running just yet, but I can say my endurance is getting so much better and my thoughts are beginning to drift beyond “My legs are jello” or “I am gonna die.” Today my thoughts were flooded with memories of my dad. The man who taught me to read before I started kindergarten and how to properly spell ‘bologna.’  The man who made it to every softball game since I was seven. The man who calls up to make sure his grandson doesn’t miss the Indiana Jones movies when they are on cable.

33756 462387733920 3084457 n Mucktastic Monday! (installment 4...and freakin out)


In just five days I will be running sided by side with my husband, my sisters, their husbands and a few friends….mucking it up in honor of this amazing man. Because while he is struggling to walk, we will be his legs. Because my fear of not finishing this race is nothing compared to his dream of a life without pain.

Any help with this cause is another high five on our journey to find a cure:



Yesterday I took the day off from the treadmill and took the kids for a swim at the indoor pool at my grandparents’ retirement community. So I guess you could say that was my exercise for the day. Fun exercise!! Nonetheless I was feeling super guilty for not running. Especially since Saturday morning I cut THREE WHOLE MINUTES off my 5K!! Can you believe it?! 3 MINUTES! That’s HUGE for me!! So here’s how that happened…..

When I started this whole thing I downloaded a Zombies Run app on my phone. Y’know how all us non-runners like to say if you see me running, then you better run too…’cause that could only mean something/one is chasing me? Well, I am also a Walking Dead fanatic, so I thought this is a no-brainer….just get myself into the mindset that Zombies will eat my brains if I don’t get my buns moving. Easy peazy. So, Friday morning I completed the Zombie workouts through to week 3 and on Saturday I thought I would change things up a bit and see how long it would take me to complete a 5K without the Zoms. And that’s when it happened. I    BEAT     MY     time….by…..three…..minutes!  Who’da thunk I had that in me? Certainly not me! And to make the day even sweeter, I checked my Muckfest donation board after my run and thanks to two amazing friends/family members, I met my personal fundraising goal!

So, what do you do when you meet your goals? Celebrate? Well, yes…..and then set them even higher! And I did. Both in running and fundraising. I am super proud to say that this morning (and yes, I stopped to blog before I even hit the shower) I SHAVED ANOTHER 1.5 minutes off the 5k!! I also just checked our team fundraising goal and we are over 100%!  Soooo….now I am challenging all my amazing fans, friends and family members to help me to my next fundraising goal as I have just raised the bar a little higher. Click here or on the Muckfest logo  to be a part of this mucking amazing adventure!

donate Mucktastic Monday (installment 3): Goals Schmoals...

I wish I was starting out this post telling you about how I can run a full three miles now non-stop. Or that I have meet and surpassed my fundraising goals for MuckFest. But then I have to remind myself, it is still about the small victories along the way. It’s that I can consistently run one mile without stopping and every day I am getting stronger. And can I just say that the fact that I am 40% of the way to my fundraising goal with just three donations is just amazing?! Can you just imagine how amazing this would all be if every person you knew donated even just $1 to to finding a cure for MS? If you can, please click here and share the link with all your friends.  Remember, I promise some embarrassing footage of myself mid-muck!!  Or maybe, I will just surprise everyone and run it as smoothly as this guy did in Jacksonville a few weeks ago….

MuckFest MS 2013 Jacksonville

Hooking You Up!!

April 3, 2013

I am just going to put this out there…..  I have a slight yarn addiction.  I cannot go into a craft store without purchasing at least one or two new bits of fibery goodness. And it doesn’t help that my husband’s love of A.C. Moore just feeds the habit. So teaching myself to crochet a few years back.  I love things that hook up quick…hats, legwarmers, etc…..and so do my hat lovin’ sisters and their cute kiddoes. It was inevitable that I would someday find myself schlepping my wares on Etsy. Yep, just this week my Etsy adventures have begun.


firehat1 Hooking You Up!!

Whit’s Hooked Up on Etsy

Of course, since this shop is brand new and I am still working on my fundraising efforts for Muckfest MS, all proceeds from every Hooked Up purchase from now until April 26th will go directly to The Dellagates (our Muckfest team) fundraising goals.  Don’t see what you are looking for? Send me a message and I will whip up something new just for you!