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I fully expected my Mother’s Day weekend to be a little tough with my hubby being away for work. What I didn’t expect was to get little sleep while my almost four year old fought a fever and cried with pain from an apparent ear infection. I didn’t expect to actually get in to see a doctor on a Sunday. I didn’t expect my six year old to embarrass me with his apparent inability to behave himself in the doctor’s office. I didn’t expect that my three lovely children would fail to even mutter the words “Happy Mother’s Day” to me. I didn’t expect amazing news from one of my sisters.  I didn’t expect that I would actually get the chance to spend a few hours with all three of my sisters. And I am sure none of us expected that our collective group of boys would one minute be dunking golf balls in mom’s little garden pond and the next minute begin taking turns “swimming” fully clothed in that same pond.

I knew my Mother’s Day weekend would be tough. What I didn’t expect was that it would be such a roller coaster ride. And what was waiting at the end of that roller coaster? Yep, you guessed it. Monday. So, thanks to these outtakes from a session with my nephew in New York a couple weeks ago….here is to finding something to smile about on a dreary Monday.

JulianMondaysillies 1024x509 Monday silliness: um, is definitely Monday again