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Mucktastic Monday!!

April 1, 2013

For the remainder of this month, I am officially declaring Mondays on this blog be declared Mucktastic Monday…and I am doing it for this guy…..

dadspoons forblog Mucktastic Monday!!

Yep, that’s my dad. I pretty much have the greatest one in the world, so sorry the rest of you missed out icon razz Mucktastic Monday!!

Now, for some of you out there this might not seem like that big of a deal, but believe me I will be sure to tell you how much of a commitment and challenge this truly is for me.  But first, I will fill you in on the mucky details.

I was probably about ten years old when my dad was first diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), a terrible disease that attacks your central nervous system. For more than twenty years both my dad and his oldest sister have been fighting MS with all the stubbornness that exists in our family genes (yes, we are all very stubborn!) And in all honesty, Dad should probably be in a wheelchair, but he refuses to “give in.”  Instead he depends on the support of his service dog and basically drags a leg that he has nearly no feeling in wherever he needs to go. I cannot even tell you how many times a day he falls…and the real truth is that he would never ever admit to any of his girls or anyone how high that number actually is.  Instead he jokes that he keeps a dust rag in his pocket so that when he does fall he can dust the baseboards. Y’know since he is already down there and all.

Now almost every year, I participate in a local MS Walk to support the National MS Society in their efforts to fight and find a cure for MS, but a couple weeks ago one of my sisters came across an event that is even bigger. And who doesn’t want to be a part of something bigger? When I heard about Muckfest MS, I decided to jump in with both feet….and then I looked back and thought, well maybe I should have thought about this a teensy bit more. No, jumping in was definitely the right choice. On April 27, 2013 I will be joining The Dellagates. A team named after my dad. And what’s even better, my husband will be right by my side. And two of my sisters. And their husbands. And another brother-in-law. And a couple amazing friends. We are doing this for Dad. And Aunt Lyn. How cursed we are to have two sweet people suffering from MS. But how blessed we are to create this team and fight some of this fight for them.

So, that’s my WHY. Throughout the remaining Mondays in April, you will be witnessing my HOW. Celebrating little victories along the way. It’s always the little things. Like how on Saturday, I was super excited that I ran a half mile without stopping. And then this morning, I did a full mile without stopping! Celebrating each small thing.  This is HOW I am going to be sure I am ready for Muckfest. This is how I am going to endure FIVE miles of mucky terrain, pits, trenches and ridiculous obstacles designed to test my strength, endurance, perseverance and commitment. I can’t wait! And yes, I am definitely scared out of my mind!

So, every Monday I will be sharing my little victories and some other fun Mucky-stuff. And for anyone who can find a couple extra minutes in their day and a couple bucks in their pockets, please consider supporting our fundraising efforts by clicking here. (Even the smallest donation helps and all donations are tax deductible). I promise to reward you with proof I cross the finish line on April 27th, and I am sure there will be some mucktastically embarrassing photos of my less than graceful self attempting numerous ridiculous obstacles.