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I wish I had really looked ahead when I posted last week’s letters. Since it was Mother’s Day weekend, it would’ve been perfect to share this first letter from my Nana Wanser (Bud’s mother). And just when I thought my grandmother’s handwriting was difficult to decipher, Nana came through – not to mention the ridiculous lack of punctuation and terrible run-on sentences;)

(to Bud from his mother (my Nana Wanser)) January 19, 1944

 Dear Son, 

Believe it or not this is the first I’ve written 1944.

 Well as you know, Cris gives us all the highlights of your letters and phone calls and says you have a pretty packed day.

 So glad to hear you are just as well pleased as you thought you would be.

 Today we stopped in to see Cris and the children and they all were fine. You sure will notice a change in Butch he is one big boy and very bright and good.

 Lyn was out for a walk with Fred and his girl but returned before I left. She is growing also and sure loves her brother. Sis says she misses you and gets your picture every morning.

 You will have to have your picture taken in uniform for us.

 I embroidered 2 more stars on my flag and it looks very good.

 Call me if collect when you can as I know you don’t like to write any more than I do.

 We are just getting down to a system but guess everything is coming O.K.

 Ken and Hay have a house from Feb 1st so after that we should get back in our own stride. Hay phoned said she is fine only gained ½ lb last monthe and the Dr is pleased.

 Lon Learned is going to get a package off to Frank from us for his Birthday. Don’t know what to send him maybe Betty will have some suggestions.

 Dad had pus in his [wrist] Monday so he is on Sulphur drugs and cannot go again until next week but Max is not in any hurry so it’s O.K. He feels fine and keeps gaining.

 Well this is my last sheet of paper so will have to close. Let us hear from you when able.

 All send plenty of love and happy that you are content.

 Lots of love from Mom


Now, when I started this project I mentioned that there might be a few letters that I would not be sharing as we are keeping this blog PG;)  With that being said, I haven’t skipped any letters yet, but there may or may not have been a word or two changed and a paragraph omitted. Ahhhh, young love <3

(from Sis to Bud) January 20, 1944

My dearest, darling sweet,

 Another wonderful, sweet letter from you today. From the sounds of your letter today, I think you must love me.

 I received a box of clothes from you yesterday and another box today. They must have used disinfectant on your clothes because they certainly smelled.

 Did you get paid today? Did you write Brewster yet? Yes darling, I know you asked for an apron. Your mother said she was going to get the apron for you. I’ll get the sewing kit for you.

 I cleaned the whole house today as I am going down to Marge’s tomorrow afternoon and Fred, Joan & Eleanor are having waffles with me for lunch.

 Our beautiful son is 12 weeks old today and weighs 12-9. I walked he and our beautiful daughter to town today. They were as good as they could be today.

 I brought the yard upstairs today and put Buddy in it. I propped him up in a corner and he thoroughly enjoyed himself. On Monday, I am going to start leaving him in his room all night, then when you come home, he’ll be O.K. in there (and we won’t have to worry about disturbing him).

Grandma lent me some money today to pay for our fire insurance.

 PeeWee was sick last and today. Your father said he thought it might be intestinal grippe.

 Be good now my darling sweetheart and work hard for us. Loads and loads of love and kisses from I won’t mind in the least how [passionate] your love is when you get home. I guess I can do pretty well myself – I’m no sissy. As long as you let me know you love me as much as ever, I’ll be happy

 Mommy, Lyn & Buddy

 frank munn Fairytale Friday: A True Love Story ~ part six

(from Sis to Bud) January 21, 1944 – 9pm



 While writing this, I am listening to your favorite program – Waltz Time with Frank Munn. I’m sitting here all by my lonesome wishing my honey would walk in. I love you.

 Today I drove to Marge’s for tea (hot water). Sh& Buddy boy went with me. Our babies were very good. Lyn walked in Marge’s and threw her arms around Joan. Marge is fine. She looks very good too. I love.

 I hear you called your mother’s house yesterday. Mom said she wasn’t home when you called. Your father was delighted this morning when I told him you tied all the knots perfect. He was worried because you couldn’t when you wanted to join the Boy Scouts. I love you.

[paragraph omitted]

 Fred and Eleanor went to a Leap Year dance tonight. They are coming over tomorrow afternoon with Joan and their cousin Jean. She works in Washington and is coming for the weekend. Sunday I am going to see “Destination Tokyo” with Fred & Eleanor. I love you so much.

 Mrs. Creamer asked for you today. I told her you were fine and very happy except you missed us. I love you so very, very much.

 They are singing on the radio “I wish I could hide inside this letter and seal me up and send me out to you”. Very appropriate I would say. I’d like a kiss right now. One of those extra special ones – like the one when Butch happened. I’ll never forget that kiss. It was wonderful.

 Goodnight my angel- more tomorrow. I love and miss you more every day if it’s possible. I suppose this coming week is going to drag, and next week will fly. This is the longest we’ve ever been apart and yet it hasn’t been as long as some people – and even this short time has been hell. Take care of my darling now as you’re all I’ve got outside my two wonderful children. I love you so very much my darling.

 Love and millions of kisses


destination tokyo Fairytale Friday: A True Love Story ~ part six

I think I have had a total of five hours sleep in the past 24+ hours, but it was definitely worth it. So, I love love love photographing newborns, but a month ago I found myself wanting to do more and photograph a live birth. Within an hour of posting this desire on my Facebook page, I was chatting with Sarah about doing just that:)  I first met Sarah around this time last year at the gym, and my Izzy and her oldest are in the same kindergarten class. Even with these little connections, we still didn’t know each other all that well, so I was over the moon when she said she would be totally comfortable with me in the delivery room for baby Jase. I am happy to say that both mom and baby are doing amazing and are as happy and healthy as can be. Baby Jase was born at 4:14 this morning weighing in at 7lbs 2 oz and measuring just a little over 19 inches long <3

jasecotebirth 1 {Southern Maine birth photography} Baby Jase ~ a birth story

jasecotebirth 4 {Southern Maine birth photography} Baby Jase ~ a birth story

jasecotebirth 8 {Southern Maine birth photography} Baby Jase ~ a birth story

jasecotebirth 12 {Southern Maine birth photography} Baby Jase ~ a birth story

jasecotebirth 13 {Southern Maine birth photography} Baby Jase ~ a birth story

jasecotebirth1 1 {Southern Maine birth photography} Baby Jase ~ a birth story 

jasecotebirth 19 {Southern Maine birth photography} Baby Jase ~ a birth story

jasecotebirth 23 {Southern Maine birth photography} Baby Jase ~ a birth story

jasecotebirth 29 {Southern Maine birth photography} Baby Jase ~ a birth story

jasecotebirth 26 {Southern Maine birth photography} Baby Jase ~ a birth story

Congratulations again Sarah and Jason, and thank you fro allowing me to be a part of this!  He is absolutely beautiful, and I am sure his big brother and sister are going to fall in love with him too icon smile {Southern Maine birth photography} Baby Jase ~ a birth story

Darn it, I missed another week. And to make matters worse, in trying to make up for it with an extra letter in my last excerpt, one of my sisters so kindly pointed out that I had already shared one of those letters. I am really hoping that my grandmother’s failing memory is not a gene that I share too! After spending a good fifteen minutes this afternoon looking for hearing aids that she misplaced, only to find they were in the pocket of her shirt is not something I want to be worrying about. So, let’s just blame my forgetfulness on three kids with school dances, baseball games, t-ball practices, a husband who works too far away, washing machines that need repair in the most inopportune moments and well, I forget what else might be going on icon wink Fairytale Friday ~ A True Love Story: part five But yeah, I’m busy. That’s my excuse for now!

My grandmother may have the worst short term memory I have ever witnessed, but the long term is definitely still there. Every once in awhile she and my grandfather will reminisce about music from their time, and she will start to sing songs her grandfather wrote or her father performed. And where the words get hazy for her, he picks up the pieces. See, Sis’ grandfather was Jens Bodewalt Lampe, an amazing composer. He then passed his musical talents onto his son, Sis’ father, Dell Lampe who conducted his own orchestra in the Trianon Ballroom in Chicago. This little bit of family history comes into play in one of this week’s letters as Sis mentions that Lyn was asked what she thought of Grandpa’s program.

jblampe Fairytale Friday ~ A True Love Story: part five                  lampe1 Fairytale Friday ~ A True Love Story: part five

(from Sis to Bud) January 13, 1944 7:40pm

Dearest One-

 Well, the babies are asleep, suppers over, the dishes are done and Mommy can rest in peace.

 I meant to ask you, dear, if you could still look at a potato in the face. How many did you peel that night? If I know my honey it was probably 1 pound – you’re so darn fussy.

 Yesterday I received a notice that the fire insurance on the house expired the 25th. I got in touch with Betty tonight who is going to have Dick renew it for us. That way, Frank gets half the commission.

 How early do you get up in the morning and when is lights out? I’ll bet you’re plenty tired at night – fresh air poisoning. How do feel, darling? Are you putting on weight? You never tell me those things in your letters. I do like what you write tho’. It’s so nice to know everyday that you still love me and our babies and miss us.

 I think Lyn must have caught a little cold in her tummy. She went about 4 times today and it seemed to bother her when she had to go. She was all right tonight tho’.

 We walked to town today with Aunt Evelyn & Frankie. Lyn & Frankie eyed each other but never yelled. I guess Frankie knew he was safe.

 I went to town for Mom today in our car. I got out at Big Ben’s and as I was walking in back of the car I heard a “sssss”. Yes – a tire. The tire was still good & solid so I got back in the car and drove right to Friendly Service. They fixed it. There were 3 holes in the tube! It was the rear right tire.

 I was very mean to Fred today. He came to stay with our 2 darlings while I went to eat at Mom’s. I stayed an hour! He came over and yelled that I was taking so long, etc. I had to call Betty while I was there and help with the dishes, too. When I got home I told him to tell Eleanor I was sorry. Poor boy, I feel sorry for him, he has it so bad. Were you like that, sweetheart? (or worse?) (Fred was one of Sis’ brothers and he married Eleanor)

 Rocky is fine and is still being good!

 Buddy was 11 weeks today. He weighed 12lbs 3 oz. He’s gaining fast now.

 Darling, you call me anytime you want to. I love to hear your voice. I’ll be so glad when you can come home. That bed is so darn cold at night. Do you think you’ll still be able to sleep with me after sleeping alone for awhile? Gee, honey, I miss you so much, especially at night. The babes keep me busy during the day but at night the house is so quiet and lonely.

 Goodnight my darling, and please keep on loving us and missing us as we do you.

All the love in the world,

Mommy, Lyn & Butch

X x x x x x x x x


 (from Sis to Bud) January 16, 1944 10pm

 Darling boy-

 I knew you could pass! You see your wife thinks you’re really quite wonderful. I told the two children about their smart daddy and we three talked it all over and we decided you could do anything. Buddy said “Gee, ain’t  Daddy smart?” Lyn said “Boy, I’ll say, kid.”

 Well, our Lynnie girl cut her 16th tooth today. We really have marvelous children, don’t we. You won’t know Butch when you get home. He’s grown so and jabbers quite a lot.

 Fred & Eleanor took me to see “The Gang’s All Here” tonight. It was quite good. Fred even bought me a soda afterwards.

 Aunt Dot, Uncle Jerry, Jodie, Ed and Evelyn Covell were down today. They thought your son was quite something. Lyn told Aunt Dottie her daddy was “aw gaw” (all gone). Isn’t she smart?

 Pee Wee & I had Lyn & Frankie on Frankie’s sled today. First she sat on Fankie’s lap then he sat on her lap. They got along fine and loved it. I took a picture of the two of them on the sled. Your mother said for you to call her house sometime. She might even write you a letter today. Your father has been kidding her about her letter writing.

 Frankie may get a rating without going to school as a machinist. They are going to give him a test  there (Sampson) because he told them he knew all that they would teach him at school.

 Frank wrote mom (yours) that he hoped Hazel had a girl because he had “enough Kens, thank you.”

 Darling it’s going to be a long two weeks. You certainly will have a lot of “homework” by that time. Honey, I’ve thought it over and over and I’ve come to the conclusion I don’t like living without you. The nights are so d____ long. I love you so very much and need you so, but knowing you are happy and well makes me feel better. What I wouldn’t give though to have you nice and close to me tonight.

 Well, lovey, I’m going to hit the hay. Take good care of my honey now cause you’re the only one I’ve got.


All my love,


 Lyn was asked today by Ed (Jodies boyfriend) what she thought of Grandpa’s program. Lyn gave a nice raspberry.              M.

gangsallhere Fairytale Friday ~ A True Love Story: part five

(from Sis to Bud) January 18, 1944

 My darling sweetheart,

 Two letters from my honey today (and you, too).

 I had company today – Jim, Marge & Shirley. Was it hard to serve cake and tea when Lyn was running around. She kept on wanting wa-wa and pieces of cake. She tried to take Joan’s milk away from her. Jim & Marge think Butch looks just like you; so does Shirley. Are you proud?

 So you brag about us to your bunkmate and everyone envies your happiness! My darling, I’m glad I made you so happy. I kind of brag about you too. You’re the most wonderful boy in the world.

 I heard a program from Hoffman Island today 4:30-5:30 called “Full Speed Ahead”. I guess it must be on every week. It was very good.

 Well, I heard Lauritz Melchior sing “Leave Us Face It. We’re In Love” tonight. He sang it opera style – very touching.

 Lyn gets a big kick out of my changing Buddy. She stands next to me and goes “ffoo, ffoo” (meaning phew). I laid him on the couch once to change him and found him still dry so I wrapped him in his blanket again and did she yell. She wanted me to change him. Once when I was changing today she grabbed his leg and held them up in the air and stared and stared. Nosey, isn’t she? If I have to go when I’m upstairs with her, she comes in and stands in front of me and watches me with her hands behind her back. You’ve been teaching her tricks!

 Darling, the color pictures won’t be ready until about the 15th of February. I’ll get some black & white pictures Monday and I’ll send those to you.

 No more news dear except I still love you more than anything else in the world, as if you didn’t know. I get so lonesome at night for you especially when the kids go home. The quiet is awful.  I’m looking forward to the 29th. I’ll be so d____d glad to see you. Do you think you’ll remember what we look like? Goodnight sweetheart, pleasant dreams.

 Love and kisses,


(from Sis to Bud) January 19, 1944

 My darling husband,

 I just finished talking to the sweetest, dearest boy in the world. Know who? It was so nice to hear your voice again. I’m so glad you made a mistake when you called me for I’ve been feeling kind of blue today. It seems months since I saw you last.

 Your mother, father, & PeeWee & Frankie were down today. Frankie took 2 steps today. He was also vaccinated today. He weighs 21 pounds. 4 lbs less than our fat little girl. Daddy she gets cuter every day – so does Butch. I got them both to bed tonight by 6. Buddy laid there and cooed away for all he was worth and Lyn kept looking over at him. She’s as crazy about him as ever. By the time you get home, he’ll be sleeping all night in Lyn’s room – or rather the babies’ room. I keep forgetting the room belongs to the both of them.

 I’m so glad to hear you’re making out O.K. with your math. I think you’ll do all right ‘cause I still say you’re smart.

 Fred & Eleanor walked Lyn up to town or rather to Grewe’s in her walker today. Both Joan & Eleanor are crazy about our two beautiful children.

 Darling, I was doing exercises last night and after 3 years of not doing them, I touched my toes for the first time. Isn’t that remarkable?

 Rocky was bad last night – first time. When he came in this afternoon, I told him he as a “bad thing”. Lyn immediately takes a wooden toy of Buddy’s (the tinker toy I bought him for Xmas) and starts bopping him over the head with it saying “ba si” (bad thing). What a monkey.

 Did you write Brewster yet about your check? I hope so.

 Are you sure you still love me, darling? Silly question, eh? I wish I could explain in words how much I love you. Actions speak louder than words. I’m all alone tonight and can hear ever creak and noise in the house. It’s so empty without you. It’s like a lost feeling. Please don’t get scarlet fever now. Take care of yourself for me, so you can come home on the 29th.

 Goodnight my darling lover.

 All the love in the world,


 Love from us too!

Cum home!

Lyn & Butch

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