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I had so much fun working with senior reps last year that I just couldn’t wait for the program to launch again this year. Megan was one of the first to complete her application and there was no doubt in my mind that she would be a perfect selection for me. This girl is ambitious and genuine, talented and a kind soul. She was also a trooper as we took advantage of the first break in the rainy weather and quickly found out it was a tad chilly for her outfit choices. Good thing for wide apertures and digital enhancing to smooth out the goosebumps:)

mlarkinblog1 {Lewiston, Maine Senior Photographer} Class of 2014:Senior Rep, Megan

mlarkinblog2 1024x700 {Lewiston, Maine Senior Photographer} Class of 2014:Senior Rep, Megan

Remember how I just said she was talented? Well, this quilt is the result of Megan’s handiwork. It is absolutely gorgeous and there was no way we weren’t going to include some of her own art in her senior photos. It is definitely something to be proud of!

mlarkinblog3 1024x746 {Lewiston, Maine Senior Photographer} Class of 2014:Senior Rep, Megan

mlarkinblog4 1024x749 {Lewiston, Maine Senior Photographer} Class of 2014:Senior Rep, Megan

mlarkinblog5 1024x791 {Lewiston, Maine Senior Photographer} Class of 2014:Senior Rep, Megan

Megan, thanks again for joining my senior rep program. You are the perfect model, both in your photogenicness (yup, made that word up!) and as a role model. I hope you love these as much as I do and I am excited to see what we can come up with for your next session:)



Prom Queen

May 20, 2013

I met my husband eleven years ago….and not long after we met, I got to meet his two beautiful daughters. They were 4 and 6.

This past Saturday, Britany asked if I would stop over and grab a couple pics before her senior prom. I am not going to lie, our path from 4 and 6 to 15 and 17 hasn’t been all smooth sailing. There have been some big bumps in the road and little hiccups that most families with custody arrangements and stepparents have to face. Lately we don’t see the girls much, but it meant the world to me that Brit asked me to be there since her dad is out of town working.  Both girls have grown up into such beautiful human beings and I am excited to see what amazing things they do with their lives.  And well, if prom queen is any indication of greatness, Miss Brit is on her way<3

britpromblog1 791x1024 Prom Queen

britpromblog2 791x1024 Prom Queen

It has been a crazy busy week here and I have been dying to share these with you.  Thanks to Jeannine and Brian for being so patient in waiting for this post.  This couple is beyond amazing.  They totally rocked their session, were not afraid of being completely in love, being in the moment and just having fun.  The narrowing down process was so hard and there are still so many more photos to add to come in their full gallery.

jeanninebrian41 1024x566 Jeannine & Brian: engaged <3

jeanninebrian31 Jeannine & Brian: engaged <3

jeanninebrian2 Jeannine & Brian: engaged <3

jeanninebrian11 Jeannine & Brian: engaged <3

Thanks again Jeannine and Brian for being so amazing.  Looking forward to September:)

With the weather being as beautiful as it has been lately, I have been getting outside to do as much yard work as possible. But yesterday I had the perfect excuse to head to the coast. Jeannine & Brian. An absolutely adorable couple. Completely in love. And totally perfect for each other.

There are so many favorites from this session to share, but for now you just get one little peek:)

jeanninebriansneakpeek Jeannine & Brian <3 engagement session Sneak Peek!