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Nina: three month session

February 19, 2013

I have been going over and over in my head how to go about writing this post.  I am so amazed at how much my sweet niece has grown in just three short months..and not only that, but watching my sister learn the ropes of motherhood has been so much fun.  Lauren has always been a fun aunt to my little ones, but watching her fall into the role of being a mom is just so awesome.

ninagiraffe3monts 1024x683 Nina: three month session

laurkisesninabw 1024x683 Nina: three month session

ninafeetlove 1024x683 Nina: three month session

I was also a bit shocked (and super excited!) when Lauren asked if I would capture a few shots of Nina nursing.  There is such a special bond between nursing babies and their mommies, and those intimate moments are so incredibly beautiful.  So, in all honesty I should be the one thanking Lauren for her vulnerability…thanks little sister for allowing these beautiful images to come to life.

ninanursing 1024x409 Nina: three month session

Okay, enough sappiness for now.  In prepping for Nina’s session, I decided to make her a little something special since Easter is right around the corner. It definitely wasn’t her favorite thing, but we made it work…

ninaeasterbunny 1024x512 Nina: three month session


..that is until Lauren slipped her iPhone under the blanket and Nina heard someone other than her mom singing her favorite song.

ninasadbunny 1024x683 Nina: three month session

Dear sweet sweet Nina, I am so grateful to be a part of your life. Watching you grow and capturing your developing personality is such a joy and I cannot wait to see what a wonderful little lady you become…’cause really, I already think you’re pretty great <3

ninaprettyinpink 1024x683 Nina: three month session

I am pretty sure Ashley was more than ready for her little Zac to finally get here….even though technically he was still a few weeks early. And it’s a good thing this little guy was early – weighing eight pounds and fifteen ounces and early?!? Who knows how big he would have been had he “cooked a little longer.”  Zac is an amazing little addition to this beautiful family and is definitely a laid back little man with a great head of hair:)

zacelfhatsleepy 1024x683 Zackary Tines: welcome little one <3

Zac and his big brother Peyton both have hunting/fishing related names (Daddy is a bit of an addict), so we were sure to use a moose antler as a prop:)

zacantlers 1024x759 Zackary Tines: welcome little one <3

zacexplosivebox 1024x683 Zackary Tines: welcome little one <3

And in keeping with the antler theme, my dear friend Laurie made this sweet hat that little Zac will be able to snuggle into for at least a month or two longer.

zackheadinhands 1024x683 Zackary Tines: welcome little one <3