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Inventory Special!!

January 26, 2013

Past clients you don’t want to miss out on this special deal!  I am working on clearing out my hard drives from the past few years, so I am passing along some special savings to you:) If you are interested in ordering a disc from your session contact me before February 15, 2013.  After that your files will all go into archive and will incur a fee to recover.

inventory disc sale Inventory Special!!

Yep, that’s right.  WinnerSSSSS! I am not sure how many of you read all the fine print, so let me just remind ya:)  Not only was the winner going to receive a free 2013 session and an 11×14 canvas of their image, but just for voting you were entered into a random drawing to win your very own free 2013 session. There were also two ways to get your vote to count. Once on Facebook and once by leaving a blog comment. Let me just say, holy moly was I blown away.  You guys had 565 likes on Facebook alone!!!  Not to mention, thanks a million for all my new followers:)  I wish I could give every single one of you a special treat just for voting, but you just might have to settle for a virtual hug instead.  So consider yourselves hugged. And thanked.

I decided to give away two prizes to my voters and used a random number generator for my “FB likers” and for my “blog commenters”.  Since it took a little (albeit small) extra effort to cast that second vote…and really 80 blog comments in contrast to 565 on FB…I felt that those who made it here to the blog should be entered for the free 2013 session. So, random comment number eight…..Angela Frost….congratulations!!  Shoot me an email to schedule your session:)

And for that crazy amazing number of FB likes, I am giving $75 off a 2013 session… random “like” #15…..Sue Ward….congratulations!!  Shoot me an email to schedule your session as well:)

Now, for the moment you have all been waiting for.  Our grand prize winner. Receiving one 11×14 canvas and a free 2013 session. With a combined total of 181 votes, they certainly never took their eyes off the prize.  Congratulations Kearsten & Trevor!!  Can’t wait to work with the two of you again <3

kearsten 1024x679 2012 Favorites: CONTEST WINNERS!!

When Meghan first contacted me to schedule Lincoln’s newborn session, I couldn’t have been more excited. I mean of course newborns are among my favorites to photograph, but this one was extra special.  This would be the very first time I shot images of a newborn belonging to a former bride and groom! That’s right, way back in 2010 I watched and captured every possible moment Meg and Eddie’s special day. And at Lincoln’s session this past Monday, there was no way we were passing up the opportunity to photograph sweet little Lincoln in front of E.E. Cummings poem that was read during his mom and dad’s ceremony.

lincswingandcummings 1024x499 Lincoln: newborn session

reitchfamhands 1024x736 Lincoln: newborn session

Lincoln is the perfect completion to this beautiful family, and I have to say that Meghan and Eddie are so great at team parenting. This baby sure does know when his mama is near (and it’s time to eat) and his daddy is an old pro at snuggling and calming him when he decides to fight naptime….which definitely came in handy when we needy a sleepy Lincoln for a few shots.

lincheadhands 1024x472 Lincoln: newborn session

Now for anyone who has been following the blog for well, the last two years or so might remember that Meghan has a slight Etsy addiction:) And yes, of course I love that about her,  I mean how cute is this puppy hat?

lincpuppynap 1024x683 Lincoln: newborn session

And these little knit owls (also an Etsy find) were perfect for a shot using the owl hat I made for the little guy <3

lincsleepyowl 1024x683 Lincoln: newborn session


Sweet sweet Lincoln, it was so great to finally meet you and congratulations again Meg and Eddie. You two are such amazing parents already<3

Okay, here it finally is…my first every year-end favorites contest!! I am so excited to launch this and had such a hard time choosing. And this selection was not made solely by me, I definitely had to enlist my husband to help me choose one favorite from almost every session of 2012:) Now let’s get down to how and what you could win as well as just a rule or two…

There are two ways to enter, and each entry will count.

  1. Go to our Facebook page and “like” your favorite located in the Favorites of 2012 Album
  2. Leave a comment at the end of this post voting for your favorite.

The winner will receive.

  1. One 11×14 Canvas of their winning image.
  2. A FREE session in 2013.

Don’t have an image in the contest? Not a past client? No problem!!  All voters will be entered into a random drawing to win a session of their own in 2013!!


  1. You can only vote once per method. (ie, once on the blog, once on FB)
  2. You may not vote for more than one image.
Contest Ends January 25th!! Ready? Go!

adrien 1024x683 Favorites of 2012: CONTEST!



alex Favorites of 2012: CONTEST!



ashley Favorites of 2012: CONTEST!



austin Favorites of 2012: CONTEST!



britany 1024x679 Favorites of 2012: CONTEST!



brody Favorites of 2012: CONTEST!


codyeli Favorites of 2012: CONTEST!


courtney Favorites of 2012: CONTEST!


emilylee Favorites of 2012: CONTEST!


evelyn 1024x684 Favorites of 2012: CONTEST!



farag 1024x679 Favorites of 2012: CONTEST!



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olivia 1024x683 Favorites of 2012: CONTEST!



nina 1024x683 Favorites of 2012: CONTEST!



marissa Favorites of 2012: CONTEST!



lynn 1024x679 Favorites of 2012: CONTEST!



Ashley: expecting

January 3, 2013

Here we are in a brand new year with our hearts and minds full of visions of fresh starts and blank slates…and my head is spinning like crazy. I have so many ideas and goals swimming around in there, that sometimes I feel like my poor head is going to explode.  Thankfully, all that chaos isn’t painful like a headache, but aching with the urge to share a million new things I want for myself, my family and business in this new year. And thankfully,in the midst all the hoopla in this brain of mine, I still have the little voice telling me it’s okay to take one thing at a time…and furthermore, that just might be the only way I will ever make sense of it all and eventually be able to share with you. I suppose that is my resolution for this year: one thing at a time. And for me it only makes sense that the first thing I share with you this year is the meat and potatoes of my business and what I love to do….photography. And how fitting for this to be a session that revolves all around new beginnings, with the freshest start any of us could ever have: new life.

I first met Ashley a little less than a year ago when her husband coached my little guy in Tee-ball. Turns out my Colby and her Peyton are besties on their bus rides to school and when they see each other at recess. Not to mention, the house fills with screeches of laughter and tales of superheroes during playdates. Now Peyton is patiently waiting for his first ever sibling, and I could not be happier for this little family. Just a few more weeks and little brother, Zachary, will be making his own special mark on this world <3

ash2upbw 1024x755 Ashley: expecting

peytonwithzacblocks 1024x683 Ashley: expecting

ash2upcolor 1024x785 Ashley: expecting

peytbelllysnuggle 1024x683 Ashley: expecting

Ashley, Miles and Peyton…I am so excited for all of you! Wishing you peacefulness through the next two weeks and a safe and smooth delivery.  I hope you love your sneak peek and am looking forward to meeting the little one<3