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Adrien: 9 months

September 18, 2012

I have been photographing Adrien every three months since he was born and there is no question that he gets cuter every single session we have!  And this session…..he finally, FINALLY gave me some full-on smiles:) I am talking all out belly laughs and grins so big his eyeballs disappear. There is no way to get through this blog post without smiling back at him.  Go ahead. Try it. I dare you:)

9monthadrienbellylaugh 1024x683 Adrien: 9 months

9monthadrienreading 1024x466 Adrien: 9 months

9monthadrienstairnoutside 1024x759 Adrien: 9 months

9monthsadriendorrpeek 1024x683 Adrien: 9 months