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When I first started thinking about this post, it was just going to be me sharing the cuteness that is my kiddoes and telling you all how the images were shot for my Advertising Photography class. Of course, they were shot for a school assignment, because (as much as I am ashamed to admit it) I really do not take enough pictures of my own children. Anyway, as I got to wondering how I could make this post just a little more than me forcing you to love these three little monkeys, I figured why not turn this into a really fun giveaway. So, I will give you the details. But first you will have to suffer through the adorableness that is Colby, Izzy and Mak:)

Ahhh, my three little monkeys. They seriously have the ability to make me laugh, cry and scream all in a span of 2.8 seconds. Don’t they look all happy to be together? Yeah, well that was just for the camera ’cause they knew the assignment was important. It lasted for about 1.2 seconds and you there may or may not have been a few empty threats thrown in.

cutemonkeys11 1024x671 Monkeying Around....and a Giveaway!!


Of course the silliness wasn’t far behind the sweetness…


sillymonkeys1 1024x679 Monkeying Around....and a Giveaway!!

…but know matter what – No matter how crazy they make me. No matter how many pointless arguments that erupt between them. At the end of the day, they still kiss each other goodnight. And sometimes, just sometimes there are .8 seconds when they manage to sneak a little extra love for one another.

sweetmoment1 1024x679 Monkeying Around....and a Giveaway!!

Alright, now that I have you all gushy, here’s the thing….Those adorable little monkey hats the kids are wearing? Yup, I made them. Over the past year or so, I have been making hats for my nieces and nephews and a few close friends. And my sisters in New Hampshire and New York swear that if they had a pop-up storefront in the trunks of their cars, that they would be sold out everytime they went to the grocery store. Soooo….I have decided to open an Etsy shop! And before you dig out your wallets, the shop has been created, but hasn’t opened quite yet. So, while I am busy learning all things Etsy and getting some listings posted, I thought I would give away one of the monkey hats (which can also be made in adult sizes!) before they are available for purchase:) All you gotta do is make sure you are a fan of WhitakerImagery on Facebook, repost the link to this blog post and then comment back here with some blog love and to confirm your entry.


Yesterday couldn’t have been more perfect. So what if it was a Monday….I had Adrien’s three month session scheduled and I was super excited to see how much he had grown and changed since his newborn session.

aidfirst2up1 1024x795 Adrien: three months

Before I even started shooting, Adrien and I had a little chat and he gave me some giant smiles. Unfortunately, as soon as the camera came out, they pretty much disappeared. Not to worry, even without smiles he is still freaking cute:)

aidcloseup1 1024x679 Adrien: three months

aidsecond2up1 1024x795 Adrien: three months

Now I hadn’t used my Sarahsewta giraffe hat in quite some time, so I made sure to bring it. And well, Adrien wasn’t quite as excited as I was. But the good thing about an angry giraffe….

aidangrygiraffe1 1024x679 Adrien: three months

…is that it isn’t long before they transform into a sleeping giraffe<3

aidsleepinggiraffe1 1024x679 Adrien: three months

Happy 3month Birthday, Little Man!!

This weekend I stumbled upon a video from a little more than a year ago that had my family bursting with giggles. Maybe it was because we had forgotten we had it. Maybe it was because Miss Izzy is just so freaking adorable. Maybe it was because we know this was not prompted in any way. Whatever the reason, I figured it would be perfect to bring some smiles to the dreaded Monday.

So here she is. Our Izzy. Right around Christmas 2010 at my dad’s house. I had gone outside for a second and as I was headed back in, I noticed her at the window doing this…..

*Sorry about the sideways-ness. I was still learning how to appropriately record video on my phone;)

Isa at grandpa\’s

It never fails. Late in the fall, every year, at least one high school senior calls in a panic that they need their senior portraits done and the deadline is in two days! TWO days! Okay, sometimes it is two weeks, but hey that’s still pushing some limits. If you are currently a highschool junior looking forward to an amazing senior year, this post is for you. And if you think that having $500 CASH in your pocket woud be simply amazing, then this post is also for you!


 Class of 2013: Senior Model Search!!

From now until March 16th, I will be accepting applications for senior models. Yes, you can earn $500 just for having your senior portraits done AND sharing your favorite images with your friends. Here is the breakdown of everything you will receive as a WhitakerImagery Senior Model……..

1) FREE Spring mini-session (scheduled between April and May)

2) FREE Full Senior session (scheduled between July and September)

3) 50 referral cards (for every booked referral, you earn $10 CASH…book 50 friends, get $500!)

4) 5 watermarked, low resolution images to use on FB and Twitter

5) A mini-album from your mini session to show off to your friends.

 Class of 2013: Senior Model Search!!

All this sound great and made just for you? All you need to do is complete and submit this application by March 16, 2012. (You may also click the link at the top of this page).  Reps will be chosen on March 18th and announced immediately. Please be as detailed as possible in your answers and have fun! icon smile Class of 2013: Senior Model Search!!

For a girl in her thirties who has never ever ventured off the east coast, Las Vegas was definitely a bit of culture shock. To top it all off, I don’t fly very often and I was by myself. I may or may not have been just a little freaked out, but I have dreamed of at least once making this trip and I sometimes you just have to take a big leap….even if you aren’t’ really sure where you might land.

For my non-photorapher friends, WPPI is a ginormous convention held annually in Las Vegas, Nevada. Between a tradeshow with hundreds of vendors and access classes taught by some of the most amazing photographers in the nation, it is easy to quickly become overwhelmed. My strategy was simply to breathe. And take a TON of notes. But mostly just breathe. I wanted to absorb as much information as I could, and take advantage of every word spoken. I did. But it is a good thing I brought a notebook, because my head could never hold that much information at once!

And although I am feeling recharged and inspired, I am left feeling like where do I begin? How do I make the fresh start I need/want to? And my biggest….why do I blog? So here is what I have come up with. I have no idea whether there is a definite purpose to my blogging. I am not sure if anyone out there is really listening, reading, caring. For now, I will just write for me. Because maybe in some small way, somewhere in this life writing for me will also help someone else find their own voice. And finding a voice in this world – no matter how small – can lead to great things.

Yes, the decision has been made, I will continue to blog. Now what? Where’s that fresh start. A new blogsite is in the works and will be live within the next two weeks. A fresh look. A fresh voice. And you better believe, lots of new content! And after that? Well, I am a work in progress and have faith that I will find new inspiration in each new direction I seek in the next few weeks.

As for my Vegas adventures. I will leave you with just a few key notes from my travels.

1) In the few times I have flown, I can’t help but notice how grouchy people look in airports. Is it that they have their game faces on, warning others not to get intheir personal space? Or is it just that they are exhausted from traveling? I find airports fascinating and see flying places adventurous. Shouldn’t people be more excited about going sompleace new?

2)And as excited as I was to fly to a world that was completely foreign to me, I was also a complete jumble of nerves. After all I was flying clear across the country to share a hotel room with four woomen I had never met before

3) A cab ride from McCarran airport to the Signatures should NEVER cost $37. If you pay that much, you are getting ripped off. Lesson learned

4)Planning your first trip to WPPI, finding roommates and keeping an open mind is the best way to go. You will learn more than you ever imagined just from your roommates, have new friends for life and maybe even a free beer:)

5)WPPI makes you jump on the Twitter bandwagon. That’s right, I tweeted for the first time at WPPI. and I am still trying to figure out how to properly use it.

6)No matter the nerves, the excitement, the uncertainty….LEAP. And know that you will be caught. Have faith in life and in yourself. Have faith in total strangers (because there are still some really amazing people in this world). And if you ever make it to Las Vegas, you can bet on mornings that look just like this…..


 WPPI 2012 Recap and inspiration overload